COVID-19 has not disappeared. Although many of the restrictions have been removed, the virus is still prevalent and case rates in England remain high, particularly in schools, and appear likely to remain so for some time.

Previously, the club asked all members who were part of a household which had received a positive test to remain away from training and match days. Below is a link to the current government guidance regarding this situation.

Stay at home: guidance for households with possible or confirmed Coronavirus infection

Section 6.2 of this guidance is the part relating to household contacts not required to isolate.

As a club we have a duty of care to all our members, whether they are players, coaches, volunteers, and their families. We therefore ask that members from households with a positive test, wishing to attend training or matches, follow the above guidance rigidly, in order to safeguard all our members and members of all the clubs that we come into contact with on a training or matchday. In particular, the requirement to take a lateral flow test before leaving the house.

If no test available or taken, but you are exhibiting symptoms of Covid, you are in any event asked to stay away from training and matches.

As all situations are different, this allows all members to make a responsible decision based on their own household circumstances. This is to reduce the risk of transmission, so that training and matches can continue and so that as many members as possible can continue to exercise their choice to attend training and matches, including those that are or have family members that are either unvaccinated (which may be due to medical reasons) or extremely clinically vulnerable.

Sensible precautions regarding hygiene relating to equipment, bibs etc used in training and matches should also continue to be applied.

We thank you for following the previous guidelines so stringently and for your continuing co-operation.

The Committee will continue to monitor the situation, including official guidance, and will consider further updates as appropriate. The Club's detailed Risk Management Plan is to be updated to reflect the changing circumstances, and the statement set out above.