Safeguarding: Keeping Football Safe and Enjoyable - What YOU Need to Know 1 of 10

1. Introduction

Players, coaches, match officials, volunteers, parents and supporters are involved in football for the enjoyment the game brings, and we wish everyone an enjoyable and fulfilling season.

To help ensure the game is enjoyable for everyone as much as possible, and to provide guidance and support for those occasions when it fails to meet expectations, there is a Safeguarding framework in place, led by The FA, the game’s governing body in this country, and delivered through County FAs in conjunction with leagues and clubs.

As a Charter Standard Community club - the FA's highest kite-mark for grassroots football - youth development, safeguarding and respect continue to be high on our agenda - something the club has been recognised for right back to the days of Pride Park Juniors - not only from a participation perspective, but also important for longer term sustainability of teams and the club.

As part of our commitment to creating an enjoyable and safe environment for all, the club has Codes of Conduct covering the standards of behaviour we expect of our players, coaches and volunteers, and parents/spectators, as well as policies covering Equality, Child Protection, and for those rare occasions when things don’t go quite as we’d like, a Complaints procedure and Disciplinary process..

Players and Parents are required to to commit to these when completing annual membership/renewal, so existing members should already be familiar with them.

To make it easier, all these documents have been grouped together below. As everyone is so active on social media in its various forms, a copy of the FA's Guidance on the use of Social Media is also included.

If you need to speak to someone about Safeguarding concerns, you can contact the Club Welfare Officer, Karen Kitahara (or in her absence Deputy CWO David Kwiatek) - see "Need Someone to Talk To?"(attached) or in urgent or serious cases, and/or when they cannot be contacted, the people on the "Derbyshire FA Safeguarding Contacts" list should be contacted.

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility, and by working together we can make football safe and enjoyable for everyone.


Need Someone to Talk to?