Guidance for Training at Moorways

Travel to/from Venue
Avoid using public transport if at all possible. Follow FA Guidance regarding travel and in particular sharing vehicles – same players to travel together (don’t mix/vary) – wear face masks – keep windows open – avoid use of air-con – spread out and face away – clean vehicle surfaces and hands before/after travel

Arrival at and departure from venue
Park in car park area immediately behind grandstand where possible (building work has limited the number of spaces so spaces may be limited at busy times – but there are now additional spaces adjacent to the Bowmer+Kirkland compound).

NHS Test & Trace / Contact Tracing
QR Codes for the NHS Contact Tracing app will be displayed around the site on posters. There will be QR Codes on display at the entrances to each end of the astro pitch. ALL persons (aged 16+) attending are advised to download the app and to “check-in” by scanning the QR Code.
Health Checks

All participants to undertake Self-Screening Health Checks before travelling: WhatsApp reminder (or equivalent) sent to all Players/Parents on morning of session

On arrival participants will be asked to confirm they are clear of symptoms and have been (and have not been exposed to Covid-19) for at least 14 days. Temperature checks may be undertaken on arrival (where thermometer available)

If COVID Symptoms emerge during event
Return home immediately. If at session already go to any designated “safe area”, if available, or return to car and go home/wait to be collected. Avoid touching anything. Remain distanced from others. Anyone becoming symptomatic should follow NHS Test and Trace protocol

Changing rooms NOT in use – grandstand building closed – players to arrive changed ready for sessions.
Single toilet will be available on a one-in-one out basis accessed by contacting member of groundstaff (entrance door at side of grandstand in car park) – identified by Derby Active uniform. Team coaches also have stadium mobile phone number.
Teams to arrive no more than 10 minutes before their session and wait in the designated waiting area adjacent to the pitch area to be used for team training.
Maintain social distancing whilst waiting and during the session as far as possible

NO spectators permitted except limit of one parent per junior (under 18) player, to remain outside playing area (except for first aid provision to own child), NOT to touch balls or equipment and remain socially distanced - follow FA Guidance

Personal belongings – hand santiser, drink, spare footwear or clothing, inhalers etc placed in kit bags at socially- distanced intervals. Items not in use e.g. rainjackets, warm up tops, to be placed in personal bags – NO SHARING/BORROWING
Players to wear their own kits and to launder these immediately after use. GK to clean/disinfect gloves before and after use.
Bibs to be kept secure by Manager. If used, bibs will be placed after use in a bag for laundering by manager or designated person post-game

As far as possible maintain social distancing during warm-up, drinks/cleaning breaks and breaks in play
Sanitise hands before and after a session as well as in breaks
Ball handling kept to a minimum with most contact via a boot and the ball disinfected in breaks of play;
Where possible, only coaches should handle equipment in training, warm up
No spitting, no chewing gum, no cuddles no huddles.

As far as possible avoid touching: goal posts, door handles/gates, railings
Use hand sanitizer regularly, and as soon as possible after touching objects Consider drink breaks and/or “sanitizer” breaks during breaks in play

End of Session
Equipment to be cleaned before, and after use, goal posts wiped down at end of session
Teams to leave pitch promptly at the end of their session, including adequate time for clearing equipment and wiping down goalposts, if used.

Ensure you take all personal belongings with you as site staff will dispose of any residual items Teams to leave site no later than 10 minutes after session ends

If you develop any possible Covid symptoms following a session (or match) please notify your team manager/Covid Officer as soon as possible.