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Doug Outt17 Nov 2023 - 16:38
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Wildcats event at Moorways enjoyed by all

The Pride’s next generation made a start to their football journey when our current crop of Wildcats welcomed Gresley Rovers’ Wildcats to Moorways for a combined Wildcats event.

Alice, Amelia, Azura, Frankie, Nancy, Scarlett, Sophia and their Gresley Rovers counterparts had an opportunityy to informally experience gameplay and showcase their skills. The girls’ parents and Wildcats’ coach Paul Randle were thrilled to see the girls play: „It was fantastic to see the girls have a go at playing in games and lovely to see them getting stuck in” said a Wildcats parent.

„I love coming to Wildcats and making new friends and I really enjoy the sessions. I’m glad my Granddad found the team for me”, said Sophia, who started coming to Wildcats a couple of months ago.

„I was a little nervous at first, but was ok when we kicked off. It was my first game and I really enjoyed tackling and trying to find space. I was really pleased when I scored my first goal, and it was even better when I got another one! I nearly got MVP but Lost at „rock-paper-scissors”, so I’ll try harder next time!”.

Weetabix Wildcats football sessions for girls aged 5-7 years are held at Moorways Sports Village on Tuesdays 5-6pm - newcomers are welcome. For more details of Weetabix Wildcats see Wildcats Information

For those Girls that wish to progress from Weetabix Wildcats to playing in a team, or that are looking to join a team, Pride Park FC are starting a new team for Girls in School Years 2 and 3 with the aim of joining the Derbyshire Girls League early in 2024. For more Information or to express interest please get in touch via e-mail to

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