By Doug Outt
24 May
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We have some hints and tips for you!

To enter, participants need to submit no more than five questions they would like to ask one of our first team players - full details in the NEWS ITEM announcing the competition. Entries should be submitted by e-mail to secretary@prideparkfc.com to be received by midnight on 31st May.

If you’re looking for a little inspiration, try looking at player interviews on TV, in She Kicks magazine, or at the Womens Football website Impetus.

Think about the types of questions you might ask - what would you or your teammates like to know?

Is it about the season the team has just finished, perhaps?

Or maybe you’d like to put a question to a player in a particular position (you don’t have to pick out individual players for the questions, but you can if you want to!).

You might instead choose to ask about how players got started in football, their most memorable experience, their experience of football growing up, and how it’s changed since they started playing.

Alternatively, you might want to find out what they think about training and playing for Pride Park - what’s their favourite training activity, what don’t they like, or what’s their „pet hate” in football generally - or for advice about something to use when you are playing.

These are only suggestions and ideas - your questions can be about just about anything! Even better if you can think of questions that are unique, unusual, or funny!

Don’t forget you’re also required to include a question to be used as a tie breaker in the event of a tie. The tie-breaker question must relate to this summer’s Women’s World Cup, and entrants must say which Lioness they would put the question to, if they had the chance - and why.

For a little extra inspiration, you could try a little research. The questions - no more than five - are questions to ask our Ladies’ team players. Pride Park’s Ladies team has just completed its 9th season in the adult ranks (the origins of the team can be traced back to our first Girls team, at under 10, in 2005 and some of the original players are still on the team!), finishing third in a very competitive Division 1.

The team has just completed a very good season despite having to overcome challenges including long term injuries to a number of players, and starting the season without a recognised striker available!

There’s lots of information on the Ladies’ team’s website pages including a REVIEW OF THE SEASON, the League Table, match reports,highlights videos,statistics, as well as a little bio on each profile page
and the all-time records, which might help give you ideas for questions to ask.

The competition winners will receive one year’s subscription to She Kicks magazine, the chance to put their questions to one of our first team players and to see their interviews published on our website, on the Impetus Football blog and by She Kicks magazine.

An expert football panel, including editor of Impetus Ben Gilby, Jen O’Neill the Editor of She Kicks Magazine and Faye Hackwell, freelance journalist and blog writer for Her Game Too - will choose the overall winner in each of four age categories:

(1) up to u8
(2) u9/u10
(3) u11/u12
(4) u16

To enter, simply e-mail your questions and your tie breaker question, with your name, age and a parent’s contact details to secretary@prideparkfc.com to be received by midnight on 31st May.

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