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Doug Outt5 Mar 2023 - 17:30
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Reports from our mini-soccer teams’ action yesterday

u9 Jaguars v Micklover Roar
An early game for the Jaguars yesterday, who showed a promising start from the outset; Lucy making good runs forward and Freya on the wing for the all important crosses.

A lovely pass to a committed Rose saw her fly up the centre with no one but the goalie to stop her, but the ball just had too much pace! Amber and Esther made some important tackle as Micklover Roar came forward and Alicia made some great saves!

Zara was working hard on keeping the ball and passing forward whilst Tiana and Wren were making the attackers life difficult.

Pride Park continued to tackle and fight for the ball and started to use the wings to push the ball forward - some great passing from both Zara and Tiana. Rose took a bad tackle on the ankle and sadly wasn’t able to carry on.

Kara fought hard to tackle and made some great defensive decisions. The girls limped away at the end of the game battered and bruised with some injuries today; sore ankles, heads and a bruised arm from a reckless tackle on our goalie! Well done Girls!

U10 Lionesses v Toton
Girls from both teams settled into the match from the off and played some really great football throughout. PP held their shape well, passed the ball with confidence, and from the sidelines you could tell they were looking for their team mates in space. It didn’t work out every time, of course, but they had the right idea.

They need to talk to each other more on the pitch, and give more information to help their teammates with decision making, but it was really encouraging to see some very solid play. Defence was strong for the entirety, and did an excellent job, well done Emily, Daisy, and Jasmine - at times maybe a bit too confident, racing too far forward - but only a tiny glitch in an overall excellent performance!

Frankster was super in goal, pulling off an amazing save in the first half; a Toton attacker got into a dangerous position going forward fast with PP in trouble and struggling to catch-up. Frankster sprang off her line to challenge right on the edge of her box, for a beautifully timed, and strong save - excellent goalkeeping. Other than this we held off Toton well, with several good opportunities of our own at goal.

There was an early attempt from Toton in the second half, which triggered Frankster into another confident save, but she took the ball hard to the face - from a powerful Toton shot. After a bit of encouragement she very bravely continued to finish the match.

There was a great moment of sportsmanship and respect is due to the Toton coaches who ‚disallowed’ a goal as our keeper had decided to pass the ball back from another pitch, leaving her goal in the process.

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