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Your Chance to Win a monthly cash prize and help raise funds for your team!

The “50/50 Club” is a monthly prize draw run by Pride Park FC, where 50% of the cash received makes up the monthly prize fund, and 50% is retained by the club (and distributed pro-rata to the teams nominated by entrants).

It's such a simple idea, but a great way to help raise funds for the team and win some cash too. Many sports clubs and other voluntary organisations use a lottery of this kind to raise funds painlessly and regularly to support a variety of projects.

It’s something we’ve been doing for a while for the Ladies team (under the banner of the “100 Club”), and it is now being extended to enable all teams to benefit. To distinguish between the end of the draw being for just one team, and opening it up to all teams to benefit, it has been renamed the “50/50 Club”, but the principles are exactly the same, and entrants in the Ladies 100 Club automatically carry over to the 50/50 Club.

Anyone can enter, whether they players, parents, family, friends etc., - so long as they are aged 16+

The following sections explain more about the lottery, what the funds raised are used for, how to enter etc. If, after reading these sections you require any further information, have any questions, or require any help, please email the promoter

Pride Park FC 50/50 Club is registered with Derby City Council as a small society lottery.