Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities

1. Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities

Women’s football is growing fast and attracting lots of attention nationally and locally – our website now attracts almost 30,000 (and growing) page views a year. Pride Park is an established community club with an increasingly diverse membership. Sponsorship is a great way to show your support for women’s football in the local community.

How Sponsorship Helps Us
As a grassroots community club, our aim is to keep player subscriptions as affordable as possible to avoid barriers to participation. Subscriptions cover the majority of day-to-day team and club costs, but not quite all. Fund raising and sponsorship help make up the difference, and for projects such as our recreational football sessions, starting new teams and investment in equipment and technology to aid coaching and player development.

Sponsorship Opportunities
There are ready-made packages available which are intended to provide a ready menu of options, which can be taken as they are or used to create something else - we’re more than happy to work with you to develop something bespoke to you. If this might be of interest, the first step is to understand your needs and preferences, then we can form a customised proposal which we can work on together to fine tune.

*For more details of what is available and the benefits please refer to the menu (left) and the attached prospectus. Alternatively you can view a video presentation of the opportunities available at https://www.prideparkfc.com/videos/sponsorships--advertising-opportunities-188217.html


Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities