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6. Code of Conduct for Adult Players [Feb 20201]

Respect for each other, Respect for the game.

On and off the pitch, I will:

  • Always play the game fairly and in the right spirit
  • Always respect the match officials’ decisions
  • Avoid criticising match officials. Accept that they make honest decisions and confronting them will not change it.
  • Be aware of the impact of bad language; keep spectators and members of the public – including children – in mind
  • Never verbally abuse a match official, player or spectator based on their appearance, race, religion, gender or sexuality. Doing so could lead to dismissal from the field, suspension and possible police action.
  • Never physically assault a match official, player or spectator. Doing so could lead to dismissal from the field, suspension and possible police action.
  • Treat my team-mates, the opposition, supporters and my coach/manager with respect
  • Do my best to develop my own abilities in terms of skills, technique, fitness
  • Give maximum effort and strive for the best result possible during a game
  • Make every effort consistent with the principles of Fair Play and the Laws of the Game to help my team win
  • Resist any influence which might, or might be seen to bring into question, my commitment to the team winning
  • Always win, lose or draw with dignity and be prepared to shake hands with match officials, opposition players and manager at full-time.
  • Look after all team kit loaned to me as a player, and replace/pay for replacement of any lost/damaged kit within 14 days
  • Ensure all financial obligations are met for the season – annual membership, full subscriptions fees and any disciplinary fines, and all kit returned before I am permitted to leave or move to another club
  • Not participate in games for other teams (without consent) other than school/college/university while under registration to the club
  • Be punctual at all times and give my coach/manager as much notice as possible when I will not be available for training or matches

I understand:
If I do not follow the Code, I may expect to be:

  • cautioned, sin-binned or sent off by the match officials, depending on the nature of the offence
  • asked to apologise to whoever I have offended or abused
  • disciplined by my club, including being substituted, dropped, given a formal warning or suspended from training or matches depending on the nature of the offence
  • disciplined by the County Football Association, including being fined or suspended for a number of matches depending on the nature of the offence
  • handed a permanent exclusion by the FA or County Football Association, if the offence is deemed serious enough

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Code of Conduct - Adult Players [Feb 2021]