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3. Expectations (Yours and Ours)

What is expected of Volunteers and what can they expect in return?

Our Volunteers Charter details what is expected of volunteers, and what they can expect in return. All Club Officials and volunteers are also required to sign up to and abide by our Code of Conduct.

Volunteers Charter
The Core Values of Pride Park FC are Respect, Inclusivity and Enjoyment. These values guide everything that we do as a Club and form the backbone of how we treat others and wish to be treated ourselves.

As a volunteer with Pride Park FC, you understand and agree nothing in this Charter or in any other club policy or code is construed as a contract of employment. You can expect:

  • The chance to use your talents and skills to benefit the Club
  • A chance to meet people, make new friends, increase your skills base and keep active
  • To be given clear information on what is expected of you
  • To receive advice and/or appropriate training on how to carry out your role
  • To be treated with respect and consideration by all Club members
  • to be listened to and to receive a response to matters volunteers bring to the club's attention
  • Recognition and thanks
  • Reimbursement of any reasonable pre-agreed out-of-pocket expenses incurred during your volunteering - see attached Policy and Claim Form
  • Health and safety advice
  • To be covered by appropriate insurance

As a volunteer with Pride Park FC you are in a position of trust. You may be supervising young children or vulnerable adults, responsible for Club funds or looking after equipment.
We ask you to preserve the good name of Pride Park FC by:

  • Supporting the aims and objectives of the Club and upholding its core values
  • Knowing and keeping to the Club policies, rule and guidelines
  • Being open minded and honest in your dealings with the Club
  • Treating fellow volunteers, members and others associated with the Club with courtesy and respect
  • give as much notice as possible whenever you cannot volunteer when expected
  • Sharing information, thought and feedback with the Club to ensure that you play a full part in our activities
  • Help us identify how we can work better for the Club’s benefit
  • Exercising discretion and maintaining confidentiality where appropriate


Volunteers Expenses Policy [Jan 22]


Volunteers Expenses Claim Form [Jan 22] - pdf version


Volunteers Expenses Claim Form [Jan 22] - excel version