Introduction and Full List of Contents
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1. Introduction and Full List of Contents

Our website contains all the information required by club members. This used to be available in a handbook but, to eliminate costs (and help keep subscriptions down) and particularly to avoid the use of printed copy and handling in response to COVID-19, we have pulled all the key information for new members together in (almost) one place.

The following list of contents summarises the information available - by clicking on each section title you will be taken direct to that section. Please note, the following list contains more information that the heading shown in the "Information for New Members" section (on the left), as some of these items are placed in other parts of the website.

If there's anything you'd like to know, but can't find the answer, email and we'll try to help!

  1. Welcome to Pride Park FC
  2. Club Ethos
  3. Charter Standard Community Club - and what it means
  4. Club Officials and key Contacts
  5. Keeping Football Safe and Enjoyable
  6. Football in the Foundation Phase (Age 7-11)
  7. Keeping in Touch
  8. Keeping Up with Club and Team News on the Go
  9. Subscriptions
  10. Photography and Film
  11. Club Rules and Consitution, Codes of Conduct for Players, Officals, Parents and Spectators
  12. Can You Help?
  13. Playing Opportunities