Can You Help?
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9. Can You Help?

Pride Park FC is run by volunteers to provide football coaching and competition opportunities for our members - players and their families.

Our volunteers underpin everything that happens in the club - from the obvious activities, like coaching and managing a team, to less obvious or glamorous roles like Welfare/Safeguarding, First Aid, administration (such as player registrations, completing team sheets to go to the league after the game, or just notifying the opposition of the arrangements for a game), or income generation (fundraising, grants or Sponsorship), book-keeping, maintaining the website, promotion, marketing, or putting up and taking down the nets at games, and so on - it all helps!

Volunteers oversee all aspects of the running of the club through a Committee made up of club members headed by the main “Officers” - Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Welfare Officer and supported by team managers and, crucially, representatives from each of our teams.

Team reps are the voice of their team, are in a unique position to be able to tell the Club’s Officers what works - and what doesn’t - provide a conduit back to their teams, and invariably bring additional ideas and knowledge to the table. It doesn’t require any previous experience or specialist skills, but is an essential role in the success of a team and the club. Our aim is to have at least one, and where possible, two representatives for each team.

If you're reading this as a parent of a player in a new team (as new teams are generally in the younger age groups) would you like to get to know what is happening behind the scenes, and is the role of team rep something you would consider?

Volunteering is a vital part of any grassroots club and its teams, and Pride Park FC is no different. Volunteers are essential to the sustainability and longevity of your club, and your team. 

Do you have existing skills or experience through work or other activities you’ve undertaken, and could you help?

If the idea of helping out, in whatever capacity and however much (or little) time you’ve got to spare is appealing, or you’d like to know a little more about what might be involved - then please speak to your team manager, contact club secretary David Kwiatek on 07905 719505 or

You will also find more details in our VOLUNTEERING section